Jan 12 2019

More than one million Turkish students drop out of university in five years

A total of 1,115.530 Turkish students dropped out of universities in the last five years, opposition newspaper Sözcü reported on Saturday.

Ednan Arslan, a deputy of the main opposition Repulican People’s Party (CHP), requested from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports their recent data on university drop-outs.

The Ministry of Education’s data showed that in the last five years 1,115,530 students either dropped out of university or suspended their enrolments. While some 135,000 students gave up their university education in 2013, this number reached over 408.000 in 2018.

According to Arslan, the 92.2 percent increase in university drop-outs in 2018 is related to financial difficulties of the students and their families.

“It seems like people cannot anymore make additional savings by giving up basic needs. The government is responsible of this situation,” Arslan said.

The information provided by both ministries revealed that last year some 40,000 university students, who could not be placed in state dormitories, had to apply to private dormitories or rent flats

According to the statistics of the Turkish Council of Higher Education, the number of students enrolled in universities’ graduate and undergraduate programs increased by 38 percent in five years reaching 7,560,371 in 2018.

2018 was a difficult year for Turkey as lira lost 28 percent against the dollar and the economy contracted by 1.1 percent on a quarterly basis in the three months to September.