Feb 07 2019

How 'active' is Turkey's notorious 'deep state'?

Associate Professor Ryan Gingeras at Naval Postgraduate School discusses how the term ''deep state'' recently caught on in the U.S. politics

Gingeras, author of the book ''Heroin, Organized Crime, and the Making of Modern Turkey'' spoke with Yavuz Baydar on 'deep state' both in the U.S. and Turkey

Anyone who studies Turkish history, the term 'deep state' comes readily ... now we face the term in American politics

The term 'deep state' is so politically loaded in the U.S., and it carries a heavy, partisan connotation, especially vis a vis with the Trump administration

Depending on when you want to trace the term of "deep state", you have to start with the Young Turk period in 1908, include World War I, events around the Armenian Genocide, and the development of the national movement

Over the last 20 years and more, one of the key problems that the notion of the Turkish "deep state" -- take life of its own, kinda set a narrative that politicians frame a lot of their confessions

By the time the first Ergenekon indictment was released in 2007, it resonated strongly with the Turkish population who already watched enough TV shows like Valley of the Wolf

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