Ilhan Tanir
Dec 14 2018

Turkey will carry out military offensive in NE Syria, expert says

Fabrice Balanche, a renowned Syria expert and scholar, told Ahval’s Washington Hatti podcast program that he expects the Turkish army to make good on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s threats and launch a military offensive on northeast Syria.

One of the most influential experts on Syria and a specialist on northern Syria, Balanche said either Manbij or the area east of the River Euphrates could be targets.

Balanche, an associate professor and research director at the University of Lyon, in France, said six months after the Turkish-U.S. Manbij “roadmap”, the U.S. has not delivered promises it made Turkey with regards to Manbij, a town in northern Syria that has been the cause of a great deal of misunderstanding between the countries.

Balanche said an Arab-majority city like Tel Abyad is very vulnerable to such a Turkish military attack, and there is little the United States can do to stop the Turkish army operation.

Balanche does not believe that the U.S. can impose No Fly Zone over Northern Syria against the Turkish Air Forces as the Syrian Kurds are asking for.  

You can listen the whole podcast here, link.