Turks get creative in battling coronavirus pandemic

People around Turkey exchanged their extraordinary methods for countering coronavirus on social media this week, lifting the spirits of those affected by the pandemic.

Antalya resident Hasan Kurt’s solution for shopping without leaving the house was to read his grocery list to a shopkeeper by phone, then use a drone to fly tethered groceries from the store, Turkish media outlet Biz10 TV tweeted.

Meanwhile, Ahval English executive editor İlhan Tanir tweeted footage of two men getting sprayed with disinfectant used by municipal officials to sanitise public areas, in Turkey’s eastern province of Malatya. The men happily expressed their gratitude before going on their way.

The Black Sea city of Ordu has developed its own method for battling the virus, using a 5-metre-long, man-sized booth, dubbed the “AIRCOR52 Disinfect Tunnel”, to spray disinfectant then steam on whoever walks through it. Ordu mayor Mehmet Hilmi Güler said the city would soon begin to mass produce the invention for the rest of the country.

The Fındıklı district in the northeastern province of Rize shared a video of its women’s choir, whose homebound members sang a jingle for COVID-19 precautionary measures from their webcams.