Turkey’s main opposition lawmakers propose fireworks ban following deadly blasts

Turkey’s main opposition party has proposed to parliament a law banning the sales of fireworks following two deadly explosions this month, T24 news site reported on Saturday.

The bill submitted by the Republican People’s Party (CHP) to the Parliamentary Speaker’s Office follows a July 3 explosion in a fireworks factory in the country’s northwest, which claimed the lives of seven people, and another incident on July 9 that killed three soldiers after an army vehicle exploded while removing volatile material from the same facility.

The CHP subsequently moved to ban the use of fireworks in a number of provinces and towns the party maintains administrative control over, including Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul.

A number of people have been taken into police custody over the July 3 incident, including two owners of the plant in Sakarya province, as part of an ongoing Interior Ministry investigation. 

Some of the factory’s employees have directed the blame towards lax safe regulations and a negligent management staff.